Claudettes are on the move

Claudette is determined to make some money (holiday season or no holiday season), so she’s got us on the move. We are obligated to play drums and piano for her here:

Thurs. Dec. 15: Innertown Pub, Chicago, IL. Free show.

Fri. Dec. 16: Mac’s Bar, Lansing, MI (18 & up, with Flatfoot and Gentleman’s Club).

Sat. Dec. 17: early all-ages Flint Local 432 show at Lunch Studio, Flint, MI. With The Loose Ties, Marriages, Chris Thibodea. 7 to 11 p.m.

Sat. Dec. 17: late 18-and-up show at Churchill’s, Flint, MI, with DJ Michael A. Claudette has arranged so that we play at midnight.

Wed. Jan. 11: The Whistler, Chicago, IL. With Man Is Man

Jan. 12 to 14: probably Milwaukee, Ft. Wayne (IN), Lafayette (IN), maybe Kalamazoo. More soon.

Also working out an Empty Bottle show and also Blockbuster Video (Action-Adventure aisle).

Event invites are all over Facebook. Search “Claudettes.”

See you?