Watching “The Bear”? If so, you are hearing my music

JQ, my old Them vs. Them partner, and I have written, played and recorded all the new original music for the score of The Bear (FX/Hulu). There’s also a wide-ranging soundtrack, from Nine Inch Nails to Wilco to AC/DC and way, way beyond, but JQ and I created all the new score pieces (seasons one and two). Hopefully this continues in season three…it’s been great fun and I believe our music is the best music on the show (of course I do! We’re good at this).

Prime example: that frenetic, arpeggio pizzicato string thing right at the top of the season two finale? I mostly improvised that piece, then we fine-tuned it…and it became sort of the unofficial season two theme…it’s in three or four episodes. JQ is also co-producing the new Claudettes music with me, coming soon!