Discographical Curiosities

What have I done? WHAT…HAVE…I…DONE?!!! Here is what I have done:


The Claudettes on Yellow Dog Records

The Claudettes on Forty Below Records


Chicago Blues: A Living History (Billy Boy Arnold/John Primer/Billy Branch/Lurrie Bell/Carlos Johnson, with guests Buddy Guy, James Cotton, Magic Slim and Ronnie Baker Brooks). The band’s second double-album: “The (R)evolution Continues” (2011). Tracks:

  • “He’s a Jelly Roll Baker”
  • “I’ll Be Up Again Someday”
  • “She Don’t Love Me That Way”
  • “Chicago Bound”
  • “Stockyard Blues”
  • “Diamonds at Your Feet”
  • “Rocket 88”
  • “Reelin’ and Rockin'”
  • “Mellow Down Easy/Bo Diddley”
  • “First Time I Met the Blues”
  • “Easy Baby”
  • “Howlin’ for My Baby”
  • “My Daily Wish”
  • “Be Careful How You Vote”
  • “Got to Leave Chi-Town”
  • “Don’t Take Advantage of Me”
  • “Make These Blues Survive”
  • “The Blues Had a Baby (and They Named It Rock and Roll”

Chicago Blues: A Living History (Billy Boy Arnold/John Primer/Billy Branch/Lurrie Bell). Self-titled debut double-album (2009). Nominated for a Grammy and two Blues Music Awards! Tracks:

  • “My Little Machine”
  • “She’s Love Crazy”
  • “Night Watchman Blues”
  • “Chicago Breakdown” (Johnny Iguana piano solo)
  • “I Believe”
  • “Three O’Clock Blues”
  • “Memphis Slim U.S.A.”
  • “Sugar Sweet”
  • “I Wish You Would”
  • “My Love Will Never Die”
  • “Hooking It”
  • “Out of Bad Luck”
  • “One More Mile”
  • “The Healer”
  • “Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues”

Lurrie Bell’s “Let’s Talk About Love” (2007). Tracks:

  • “Directly to My Heart from You”
  • “Chicago Is Loaded with the Blues”

Lil’ Ed & the Blues Imperials: “Rattleshake” (2006). Tracks:

  • “Tired of Crying”
  • “You Just Weren’t There”
  • “Tramp on Your Street”
  • “Spend Some Time with Me”
  • “Nobody’s Fault but My Own”
  • “You Know You’re Wrong”

The Matthew Skoller Band: “These Kind of Blues!” (2005). Tracks:

  • “Down at Your Buryin'”

Matthew Skoller’s Lost Trio: “Taproot” (2003). Tracks:

  • “Mighty Long Time”
  • “Mopper’s Blues”
  • “Lonesome Cabin”
  • “Baker Shop Boogie”
  • “Please Throw This Poor Dog a Bone”
  • “Worried Life Blues”
  • “Walkin’ Blues”
  • “It Must’ve Been the Devil”
  • “After Last Call”

Junior Wells: “The Best of Junior Wells: Live Around the World” (2002). Tracks:

  • “Sweet Sixteen”
  • “Little Red Rooster”
  • “Messin’ with the Kid”
  • “Take Off Your Shoes”
  • “Waitin’ on the Night Train”

“Sittin’ in with the Greats: The Chicago Blues Play-Along CD” (With Little Smokey Smothers, John Primer, Magic Slim and others) (2001). Tracks:

  • “Chicken Shack”
  • “That’s All Right”
  • “Old Blue Ribbon”
  • “Rough Dried Woman”
  • “A Man and His Blues”
  • “Got My Mojo Working”
  • “Sweet Home Chicago”

The Matthew Skoller Band: “Shoulder to the Wind” (1999). Tracks:

  • “High Maintenance Mama”

Carey Bell: “Good Luck Man” (1997). W.C. Handy Award winner! Tracks:

  • “My Love Strikes Like Lightning”
  • “Love Her, Don’t Shove Her”
  • “Sleeping with the Devil”
  • “Hard Working Woman”
  • “Bell Hop”
  • “Bad Habits”
  • “Good Luck Man”
  • “Hard Hearted Woman”
  • “Going Back to Mississippi”
  • “I’m a Business Man”
  • “Teardrops”
  • “Brand New Deal”
  • “Good Lover”
  • “Double Cross”

Junior Wells: “Live at Buddy Guy’s Legends” (1997). Nominated for a Grammy! Tracks:

  • “Broke and Hungry”
  • “Messin’ with the Kid”
  • “Hoodoo Man”
  • “Little by Little”
  • “The Train”
  • “Sweet Sixteen”
  • “What My Momma Done Told Me”
  • “Got My Mojo Working”
  • “Love Her with a Feeling”
  • “Help Me”
  • “Today I Started Loving You Again”

Shunsuke Kikuta & J.W. Williams: “Live!! The 3rd Park Tower Blues Festival ’96” (1996). Also released as “Shunsuke Kikuta & J. W. Williams: Live and Kickin’–The 3rd Park Tower Blues Festival.” Tracks:

  • “Love of Mine”
  • “Luv Sumbody”
  • “Drinking Gasoline”
  • “Turning Point/Turn Back the Hands of Time/Let’s Straighten It Out (Medley)”
  • “Honest I Do”
  • “Tore Down/Just a Little Bit (Medley)”
  • “Blues with a Feeling”
  • “Don’t Ever Leave Me”
  • “Big Boss Man/It’s Your Thing (Medley)”

Shunsuke Kikuta: “Chicago Midnight” (1996). Tracks:

  • “Chicago Midnight”
  • “Love of Mine”
  • “Drinking Gasoline”
  • “Big Boss Man”
  • “29 Ways”
  • “I’m Gonna Get Lucky”
  • “Rip Tips with Hot Sauce”
  • “Don’t Tell Me What You’ve Been Doing”
  • “Luv Sumbody”
  • “Let’s Straighten It Out”
  • “Chicago Midnight”

Shunsuke Kikuta: “They Call Me Shun” (1995). Tracks:

  • “Mr. Air (For M.J.)”
  • “Woman Across the River”
  • “Me and My Guitar”
  • “Same Old Blues”
  • “Cut You Loose”
  • “Come On in This House”
  • “Let Me Love You Baby”
  • “I’ll Take Care of You”
  • “I’ll Play the Blues for You”
  • “Memory of Louis”


Co-writer and player of organ/piano/synths on the recordings of his band oh my god:

  • “oh my god” EP (2000)
  • “Well” (2001)
  • “The Action Album” (2002)
  • “Interrogations & Confessions” (2003)
  • “You’re Too Straight to Love Me” (2004)
  • “Fools Want Noise” (2007)
  • “The Night Undoes the Work of the Day” (2009)

Co-writer and player of organ/piano/synths on the recordings of his band Them vs. Them:

  • “The Demos: Vols. 1 & 2” (2005)
  • “Party Detonator/Panty Tart Rodeo” (2007)
  • “Fifteen Fingers” (2008)

Writer, sole performer and engineer for the 2011 EP “The Synth Strummer” by solo project I.M.O.K.R.U.O.K.

Co-writer and player of organ on the 1998 self-titled album of his band Stevie Lizard & His All-Reptile Orchestra

John Martyn Tribute Album (2011). As part of oh my god, played organ/synths on (and arranged) “John Wayne.” This compilation also featured new recordings by Phil Collins, Beck, Robert Smith, Snow Patrol, Vashti Bunyan, Vetiver and many others.

Flabby Hoffman: “Flabby Road” (2008). Tracks:

  • “Dynamite”
  • “Make a Noble Sacrifice”

Hail the Size: “I Can’t Die in L.A.” (2009). Tracks:

  • “Drift Away”
  • “Wind-Up Heart”
  • “I Guess I Love You”

There are others that I can’t remember and don’t possess copies of!