Tracks 1-3 from the Claudettes album “High Times in the Dark” (produced by Ted Hutt)

Tracks 4-5 from the Claudettes album “DANCE SCANDAL AT THE GYMNASIUM!” (produced by Mark Neill)

(To hear and obtain the five Claudettes releases (2013-2020), please go to the Forty Below Records store or these two Bandcamp pages.)

Tracks 6, 7: Software Giant! Hear more here.

Tracks 8, 9, 10: three two-minute tracks by I.M.O.K.R.U.O.K. These were played on one Korg (including the drums, tapped out in real time on the keys), sung, recorded and mixed at home by ig. The Synth Strummer, the EP containing these and six other tracks, is now available on this Bandcamp page. (Notes continue below jukebox.)

Tracks 11 & 12: from Them vs. Them

Tracks 13 & 14: two from oh my god

Track 15: a previously unreleased oh my god song from the sessions for The Night Undoes the Work of the Day!

Track 16: an unreleased soundtrack recording of The Band’s “The Shape I’m In,” performed with Nicholas Tremulis and Matt North many years back.